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Those look so yummy! Can't wait to try it out! :)


this is awesome! what a great idea for a post.

Oh my gosh YUM!!!!!!! I love it!

what a great idea! i never know how to serve cheese. great tips. thank you!

Nothing is better than a baked camembert! Love a cheese platter!!

Now I've seen these photos, I'm so distressed that there is no cheese in my house. It all looks so yummy!

I'm having peeps over this weekend for cheese and treats to watch the EuroCup final game. Thanks for the tips. :)


I'm right there with you on the cheese love! This is great!!

I love this!


Dubliner is by far my favourite cheese :) It's the Irish in me. I love cheese platters.

Yum yum yum, I'm getting hungry just looking at these.

xo, vicky

I love a bit of cheese. I doubt you have it in the US but Wenslydale with either apricots or cranberry is so creamy and delicious. Goats cheese is always a winner too. I paired Goats cheese with asparagus for a tart- that was yummy. You can find the recipe on my blog if anyone is interested.
http://whatpeggysaid.blogspot.co.uk/ ~kim x

Mmm...this looks so good + it's so pretty. I love cheese too. P.S. I love the new blog layout + personal posts. I REALLY missed the personal posts + wondered what happened. Glad they are back. ♥

I usually serve my cheese in a little more rustic style, especially since I regularly eat some for dessert after dinner, so the pretty arrangement doesn't matter as much, but I think I'm willing to give this little cute display a try, especially since my birthday is coming up.

Thank you for the cheese-spiration!


Never thought of putting labels on the cheeses!
Awesome idea!

This is looks really yummy! I'm such a cheese lover myself! May have to try this out myself! <3

Hosting a party tomorrow - great inspiration!!

That cheese looks absolutely divine!

Ohh my this has me wishing for cheese! Great party idea!


That cheese looks soooo good! The Diets definitely out the window now! xoxo

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