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beautiful! I love it!

The site looks gorgeous! Great job, ladies! :)

Congratulations girls!!


This is such a clean and fresh look...very different to your last but I like it just as much :) I wish I could make my blog look as pretty as this! Did you do all the changes yourself?

I love it! Congratulations on your partnership and everything else. Thanks for the daily inspiration. :)

Hannah, I didn't do the changes myself. I worked with Ryan Strong (linked above) on the design. He helped me take our style and simplify it into a cleaner look. We also had a programmer to do all the code. :)
Glad you like it, thanks so much!

I love it! It looks fantastic!

i adore the colors and design..sweet and simple!

I LOVE the new look it super user friendly and so cute!
Great job ladies.

The new design looks wonderful! I think it's an even better version of what it has been until now. I'm so excited for the bigger pictures and your new personal blogs - I predict that infinitely more inspiration is bound to come our way from you, and I can't wait! I've already spent too much time reading through Everyday Elsie & Everyday Emma, and I can't get enough :)

Last but not least, I have to say congratulations on all your accomplishments! Your hard work and resulting opportunities are a great example and motivator for me (and I'm sure many others as well!). Happy Thursday! :D

Congratulations!!! look fantastic!

I love the simple yet colorful new look!! Very fun!!

I love this new design! <3 xo

I did like the old layout, but I can really see the merits to this one as well! I like the idea of linking blogs together. I own several websites (author blog, art blog, fashion blog) and could benefit from having them all under one space (without them actually BEING under one space!).

Will there be a mobile version for your blog? :)

I love it, you both did a great job!


I love how simple this is. SO much easier to see your posts rather than added pics and clicks.
Nicely done ladies!

I love love love love this new look!

It is so beautiful and so you two! So excited going forward http://starthinker-silverbarter.blogspot.ca/

Oops - sorry I'm not sure how I missed that!

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