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wow! this is such an unbelievably neat, awesome idea. so simple, but it does so much...and gosh, they're just pretyyyy.

So adorable!!

I love those! That lace terra cotta pot with the tall cactus and yellow flowers is my favorite. Dainty and western at the same time :)

Cactus + Lace = meant to be

What a GREAT idea! So beautiful :)

This is really gorgeous. I think i shall try this one out.
Such a vibrant blog this! X X X


Love these! Thank you for sharing this great idea! I agree with Nat. Cactus + Lace = meant to be.

What a lovely idea. I think I will need to try this really soon! Love the cactus in the pots too.


aww that is so cute thanks for sharing

ohhhhhh my gosh! yes! so smart and so affordable to do. i'm on it! so perfect with succulents and cactus, too. xo! http://blog.tarapolly.com

I need these for my outdoor living room!

What a darling idea. Such a little touch makes such a big difference. Great idea!


what a lovely project! xx
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

super nice!


Cute 'outfits' for these pots!

I did this same DIY a few weeks ago, only I spray painted over the lace and then removed the fabric to reveal a super lovely pattern! Check it out here:


So original!

Love it!
But how it results when you shower them?


Cut idea indeed! And so simple!

Theyre so cute!

Girls, what a great idea!!!!! thank you!

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